About Lingua Centra

Iain and Clare

Our mission at Lingua Centra is to welcome language learners across the globe into a linguistic community that knows no borders or barriers. Making language learning as accessible as possible for you is our goal so that anyone, anywhere, on any budget can learn any language.

Language learning is supposed to be fun and learning through doing – or task based learning – is one of the best ways of becoming fluent. Knowing this, we’ve included extra-curricular activities and courses as a key part of our search function so you can do the things you love whilst learning the language.

We've gathered as much information about each language provider as possible, so that you can define and refine your criteria to locate the language tuition that works best for you; whether that be learning overseas, closer to home or online, you can make the best choice for you and your learning ambitions.

So go ahead – check out our find a course page!

If you're a language provider or independent tutor, get in touch and we'll list your school or course options too.