Our services

We have a range of services for language schools or learning resource owners to share your courses or resources with learners across the globe. For further information on any of the services below or a quotation, please email us at info@linguacentra.com.

We are compiling a directory of language schools so learners can find courses in a location and a budget that suit them quickly and easily. Featuring on our list is free so if you would like to do so, please complete our online form today. Listings usually take around 5 working days to appear on the website and will be permanent unless you wish to change any of your details.

Language schools can also request to be prioritised at the top of the list of search results for a set duration for a weekly fee. If you would like us to arrange this for you then please get in touch.

This is for resources that fall outside of a face to face language course and could include online tutoring, learning apps, games or physical or digital classroom resources. As with language schools above, it will be free to be listed in our directory, but if you would like to feature higher up in the list there will be a weekly fee. If you would like us to arrange this for you then please get in touch.

We know that there are some amazing language learning resources out there and would love to share them with learners who read our blog so that more people can benefit from using varied approaches in their language learning. We can feature your course or product on our blog, but request a free sample so that we can test it out ourselves to ensure we can provide personal insight into using your resource. We are currently offering this service for free based on an affiliate link arrangement, please get in touch to discuss options further.

We will also be happy to provide confidential feedback on your product to you as well as part of user testing (see below).

We have a large and growing following across all main social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube so, subject to approval, can help you share your product with budding linguists across the globe. Get in touch via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @LinguaCentra to discuss options.

Do you have an amazing school, course or product but are wary of using the web or building your own website? That’s where we can help! We can offer support on web design for language schools or language related courses. Get in touch to talk through your vision and discuss options and timelines with Iain today.

Do you worry that poor grammar or spelling is putting clients off your online information? Maybe you need help conveying your product to customers effectively in English or are looking to translate your webpages into English. We offer high quality proof reading for online or printed copy in British English and translation from French or Russian into British English or British Sign Language on a project fee basis. Get in touch today to discuss your proof reading and translation needs today.

You might have the best teachers, best language course and teaching methodologies but not enough students throughout the year. Maybe your product is an essential tool for all learners, but you’re struggling to engage with potential customers via social media. We can help tailor your social media strategy across multiple platforms to ensure you get noticed! Get in touch to talk through your social media mission today.

As proficient language learners and users who have used a range of means to learn languages and to teach English as a foreign language, we are familiar with a variety of learning methodologies and approaches and will be happy to provide confidential feedback if you are in the development or testing phases of creating a new product or enhancing an existing resource.

There would be a one off fee for this service depending on the depth of testing and feedback required, so please get in touch to discuss further.